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At Hodek, we firmly believe that in assuming the responsibility for building a strong and competitive nation. This is possible when the next generation is prospering with health & education, brought up in a good environment and societal welfare is taken care of. With this mission in mind, Hodek engages in various social and community development activities in the areas of health, education, and the environment.Hodek actively participates directly or partners with NGOs and local organizations for such efforts.

CSR Activities

Health & Welfare

Ambulance donated to government hospitals health camp for school children and elderly Donation of ventilators to local hospitals Donation to CM relief funds for people impacted by natural calamities Materialistic donation to NGOs working for the welfare of blinds.

CSR Activities


Implementation of rainwater harvesting programs Trees plantation at various locations to ensure the growth of the planted trees Water and Soil preservation efforts Domestic Safety and Precautions during Emergencies like earthquakes.

CSR Activities


Support for infrastructure developments in local schools Adoption of school children from schools for their educational expenses and other than educational expenses Skill improvements program, Communication, and technical skills, Vocational training, and guidance on opportunities for self-employment Assessment of performance of school children for distribution of Scholarships for academic, cultural, sports, etc.

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