General Engine details

Engine Type  : 6 cylinder, 4 stroke, Inline

Bore and stroke (mm)  : 104 x 118

Connecting Rod Length (mm)  : 181.5

Engine Rating (HP/RPM)  : 180 / 2400

Low Idle / High Idle speed  : 600 / 2750

Firing Order  : 1-5-3-6-2-4

Most commonly used dampers

RUBBER DAMPER: Also known as tuned damper and acts as a dynamic absorber that absorbs torsional excitations and introduces a resonance that changes the system frequency.

  • Maximum rubber stress
  • Maximum heat load
  • Maximum rubber strain
  • Rubber hardness
  • Compression ratio

RUBBER DAMPER: It consists of a central HUB which is mounted onto the crank nose, an INERTIA RING and an ELASTOMER ring in between the hub and the ring.

VISCOUS DAMPER: Also known as viscous shear damper or untuned damper as there is no elastic coupling or a specific stiffness or frequency. This damper is effective for the complete operating frequencies. It absorbs energy from the crank vibration and dissipates it in the form of heat energy.

  • Maximum heat load
  • Gap factor
  • Fluid Viscosity
  • Dissipation capacity